In most organisations the HR department will be the one with tremendous amounts of paperwork.

Employee files, worksheets, letters and forms can fill several filing cabinets or in some cases even a whole room. In an ideal world all the human resources information would be in one place, easily accessible with the touch of a button.  That day has arrived in the many organisations we work with that have converted their paper files to digital.

HR document conversion DataScan

Employee Files

In most HR departments there will be a file on each current employee which may contain their application form, CV, worksheets, holiday requests and various letters relating to performance and training.  These files will also be held for past employees so before long the mountains of paper start to fill up.   Ensuring compliance with regulations means that files must be kept for many years.


Introducing a new process that will save time and reduce the energy spent on activities will always be welcome.  A trained and experienced HR professional is a valuable asset and the more time they can spend on valuable initiatives the better.   They will be more productive using their skills rather than searching through paper files and filing pieces of paper in various ways.


As the employee files are confidential they need to be stored securely away from the threat of being accessed by the wrong people.  Having them stored digitally is a great way of restricting access to those files.  If you don’t have the required passwords, you cannot access them and it removes the risk of somebody wandering into an office and opening a filing cabinet.

Data Protection

Datascan can confidentially shred past employee paperwork and are full compliant for data protection regulations.  Not only doing the task for you but giving you peace of mind that it will be done in the right way.   The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will come into force in May 2018.  Datascan can help you comply with these new regulations, so you are ready.

At Datascan we work with many companies in all industry sectors.  Many of our clients have different software and systems and we can adapt to suit each of them.  We are flexible and have no preference for one over the other so we import the information into your system in a way that suits your needs.

Document management is now recognised as a cost saving exercise saving time and creating efficiencies that continue for the long term.  To find out more about how we can save you time and money please get in touch today.