A modern doctor’s surgery today is like any other business, it needs to be run efficiently and be profitable.

If there was a way to save money and improve work processes, then surely this would be something worth exploring?  That is why many GP practices in Ireland are having their paper files converted to digital.

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Most GPs and medical practices are using computers as part of their normal daily practice but many are still holding on to paper versions of patient records on the premises.   There is a way of converting this paper into digital data that can be easily uploaded to the management system bringing many advantages.

Saving Space

The paper files are normally stored in filing cabinets that take up space and can easily fill a room.    Space can be at a premium and if a room is being taken up for storage it cannot be generating revenue.  By clearing out this room it can be used for medical services that make an income for the practice.  A room could be used by a nurse or physiotherapist or rented out for screening services.  Like other businesses, medical practices want to diversify and offer a suite of services for their patients while generating cash.

Easy Access

When the data is transferred to digital, the information is literally to hand at all times.  At a touch of a button anything that is needed relating to the patient’s details is easily accessible.  This can free up administration staff during the day so they can concentrate on other tasks.  Many practices will then have the capacity to concentrate on marketing or promoting services to generate extra business without having to hire additional staff.

Information Security

When the patients’ medical files are uploaded on to the medical centres management system only the authorised personnel within the practice will have access to them.  This eliminates the risk of somebody reading some files that might have been left lying around the office.   It also ensures that files are not put back into incorrect folders leaving the information impossible to find later.

Safe & Secure

When the information is stored in the cloud there is no worry about fire or flood damaging it.  It is safe and secure for all time away from danger of destruction.   It is easier to keep all information together and up to date when it is all filed digitally together.

Medical File Scanning

DataScan are Ireland’s medical record scanning specialists.  We can scan and index all your GPs patient files swiftly and securely.  Done in a format suitable for uploading directly into your practice management software package such as Socrates, Cluain Medical, Cliniko, Helix Health, Odysseus TS, Imedoc and more.

We are experts at this because we have been scanning documents for over 20 years.  DataScan has a dedicated medical records scanning department because we know that patient medical records have unique requirements for sensitivity, accuracy and confidentiality of treatment.

How Safe is your Data?

You can trust us that your files and data will remain safe from collection to the time it they are uploaded onto your system.  When all the scans are complete the scanned files will be delivered either by encrypted USB or via a secure private cloud to the surgery.  Scans can then be imported direct into the patient management system all at once – each scan being imported into the corresponding patient record.

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