is your surgery ready for gdpr datascan

If you have files on open shelves in your surgery you cannot comply with GDPR.

Does your office look like this?  You are leaving yourself open not only to data breaches but potential fines for non-compliance.

GDPR Approaches

With GDPR fast approaching all businesses must take a look at their current practices and make improvements where necessary.  The emphasis will be around protecting personal data and in a medical surgery much of the data is not only personal but is of a highly sensitive nature.

This information must be kept in a secure format to ensure only relevant authorised personnel can access it.  With open shelves in offices that may be unlocked, this leaves you open to all sorts of issues.  Information could be viewed by anybody working or visiting the surgery.  While there may not be any issue with staff members there is always the risk of visitors or even patients that wander into the wrong room.  In rare cases there could be more sinister events such as break ins that could end up in files being destroyed or stolen.

There is also the risk of human error resulting in mistakenly returning documents to the wrong patient file.  Apart from compliance think of the time that is wasted searching manually for information.  Also there may be many opportunities that would arise if this dead space could be better used to generate revenue rather than dust.

With the introduction of GDPR there is a chance that somebody will make a ‘Subject Access Request’.  Should a patient make a request for the personal information you hold on them, do you really want to be wasting time trawling through paper files? It would it be easier to search your system and print out the report instead.

How to get your surgery ready

Scanning and archiving your old patient files will help you comply with the GDPR.  That may seem like a daunting challenge but it need not be.   Datascan Document Services are specialists in medical record scanning.  We transport your patient files in a secure manner to our facility where we scan them and return them to you in a format ready to be uploaded to your management system.  We already work with many GPs, medical centres, consultants and medical charities.  We are familiar with all the main Patient Management Packages already so the process will be seamless.   Datascan have been scanning patient charts for over 10 years and can give you no-nonsense advice on how to approach this new data protection regulation.

Talk to our expert team today for more information on how to better manage your old files and help comply with GDPR.