We are delighted to announce that Datascan Document Services have again passed the audit that ensures our Certification for ISO 9001 remains in place.

Why is this a significant matter for us?  Datascan is renowned for the quality of our service and that is why clients recommend us to others.  Quality in product, service and customer experience is paramount and we had the certification to prove our standards.

Quality at the Centre of the Business

ISO 9001 is an internationally recognised award centered around a Quality Management System in business.  Datascan achieved this award many years ago and are regularly audited to ensure on continued compliance.  We implement the principles of this system in our everyday processes.

The key areas we work on for ISO 9001 are:

Customer Focus: We keep our customer experience at the centre of decisions, and they influence the way we operate in business day to day.

Leadership: We ensure the leaders within the business work together to motivate and lead by example.

Engagement of people: We recognise our most important asset, our people, and we work to make sure they are motivated, satisfied and embracing our ethos.

Process approach: By having standard processes we can guarantee a quality product at all times.  This consistency is vital for quality control.

Improvement: We never get complacent and strive for continuous improvement so each year we reach even greater heights.

Evidence based decision making:  We make our key decisions based on research, investigation and facts.  This reduces risk and improves the overall operations.

Relationship management: People buy from people, and we know we need to nurture our relationships with customers, suppliers and our team members.  That’s why we are known as a friendly professional team that people enjoy working with.

Having ISO 9001 certification is more than a piece of paper hanging in our reception.  It’s the way we run our business.  It reflects the pride we feel as a team in providing the best possible experience for our clients.  Passing our audit with flying colours again brings great pride to all our team.