It’s funny how time can change not only the way we do business but also the business terms we use every day.  Back in the olden days of metal filing cabinets and typewriters we had the Personnel Manager.  As the modern office evolved they became the Human Resources (or HR) Manager.

Humans as a resource

The term ‘Human Resources’ refers to the management of the organisation’s workers so they can help the business gain a competitive advantage.   While that still holds true there seems to be a move away from the term to something a little more ‘human’ and dare we say it, softer.

Say hello to the ‘People Manager’ otherwise known in certain circles as the ‘Chief Happiness Manager’ or ‘Talent Acquisition Manager’.  These are terms that are starting to become more mainstream in larger businesses today.

These new titles reflect the belief that happy employees make for more productive people.  Having motivated people are always a great asset to any business.

Records and Files

Whatever they are called, these ‘People Managers’ will still have the same procedures and processes day to day to fulfil.   Paperwork is at the heart of it, with records and files to be maintained.  Moving with the times will mean having a vision to create efficient systems that allow more time to spend on tasks that matter.  A change in direction will create new objectives that will require the freeing up of time to concentrate on the important things.

Having systems that automate many time consuming tasks will help.  That mountain of paper that includes CVs, contracts, employee records, timesheets could be digitised and indexed for ease of storing and accessing.  Those paper forms that are used to record data, they could be scanned with data capture software and uploaded into the system in minutes.  All those tiresome, time consuming tasks that our managers had to do can now be automatically outsourced and completed in time and securely.

No matter what they are called, our People Managers can continue to encourage employees, creating a work culture where everybody thrives.  For more information on how document scanning and data capture can work for your business, speak with our friendly team.