Client Focused business datascan

While at a recent training event the organiser proudly handed us a copy of each of the presentations on the way out.  I watched as everybody was weighed down with reams of paper, trying to stuff them into bags or under arms as they exited the building.  I wondered how long they would last until they ended up in a bin, such waste!

Paperless Notes

When I compared it to another conference that I attended some time ago, I thought how different the experience was.  At the end of that event, we all received an email thanking us for attending and a link was included that allowed us to view and download any presentation pdf we wanted.  Leaving us free to digest and store the information without pulling a muscle carrying heavy paper.

Client Focused

These two separate events demonstrated to me the difference between being focused on the client rather than just doing what has always been done.   In many business situations we see the gathering of information and producing of a report. The report may be flicked through and put on a shelf but invariably it ends up in the waste bin.  Having a digital copy means that it is easy to store, easy to share and easy to access.

The same applies to any business document and that is why proper document management will always include document digitisation.  Having your existing paper files scanned so they can be stored and accessed digitally makes more sense.  It frees up space and ensures nothing gets mislaid.  Once you have bulk scanned your older documents you can then aim to get regular small batches scanned to keep your office paper light.

Digital Files

When you operate from a client focused perspective, you will endeavor to do things that keep the client satisfied.  Digital files allow you to access information quickly, supplying your client with information promptly.  Digital files are more secure, giving your client peace of mind around their personal data.  Digital files are easier to share, information sent at a touch of a button rather than 2 days in the post.  Digitisation is client focused and has the added benefit of being the best option of a business too.  To find out more about the process you can speak with the friendly professional team at Datascan Document Services.