Have you been ‘Zooming’ around lately? The past few months have moved our meetings online and we are getting used to virtually meeting our colleagues and clients during the day via a variety of online platforms.

Online Sharing

Platforms such as Zoom, Microsoft teams, GoTo and more allow us to keep contact with others, share screens and interact as we would in a boardroom. What this has done is made us so much more aware of how using technology can help us adapt and enable the work to continue.

At Datascan we have noticed an increase in those now wanting to scan their paper files to create digital documents.  Where once each person would arrive to the meeting with printed figures, customer correspondence and pages of backup information – this all needs to be sharable now.  We cannot physically pass around paper anymore, so having the relevant information in digital format means we can screen-share during meetings and then upload files to the CRM for relevant personnel to view.

Top Tips for Going Digital

Only scan what you need – this is a great time to clear out all the paper you do not need, a kind of ‘Spring clean’ that may be badly needed.

Get it professionally scanned – this is a tedious job that requires concentration, outsource the task that nobody in your office wants to do.

Index and upload now – index the files as they are scanned and have them uploaded to the system immediately, otherwise they sit around useless to anybody.

Secure them – upload them directly onto your management system where they will be password protected, then destroy the paper copies.

Share them – allow access to your team for use in meetings, for presentations or research.  No time wasted on searching or misfiling.

Make your online meetings more successful when files are shareable both within the office and among remote workers.  Digital is more secure, more accessible and makes more sense.  To find out more about outsourcing your file scanning, give our friendly team a call today.