Medical charities need to control their documents

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Regardless of the industry a business operates in, there will be regulations and compliancy issues that need to be adhered to.

When it comes to charities there will be additional layers of expectation involved.   Medical charities in particular may have extremely sensitive information at their disposal.

Irish charities today have become very professional in their operating standards and procedures.  Run by a professional, well experienced management teams and supported by enthusiastic volunteers each charity will have its challenges.  Having the correct protocols and controls in place when it comes to document control will give great confidence not only to donors and the public but also to their volunteers.

Document Control

One area of administration that needs careful attention is the control of personal data.  A charity will hold information on a variety of stakeholders.  It is important that the personal data of each and every one of these people is both protected and stored correctly.   Not only to comply with new GDPR legislation but to ensure confidence within the organisation and protect its reputation.


Managing the volunteer information can be time consuming particularly as the numbers of people can be quite significant.  With new people coming on board, some taking time out and others leaving, it can be quite a workload.

Information such as their Garda vetting information, contact details and ID card data must be held somewhere secure.  Retention dates are important, having the information stored for the correct amount of time and ensuring it is destroyed when it is no longer required is key.  Keeping it up to date is only part of the process, it also needs to be easily searchable by authorised users.  Now more than ever it is necessary to find efficient ways to get information in the event of a subject access request.  Digital files that are easily managed are the best option.

Donor Information

A recognised valuable charity will have attracted some generous people that may donate either as a once off or as a regular contributor.  They will have entrusted their details to the organisation with the expectation that it will be kept safe and secure.  Information will be supplied such as their home address, email and postal address and their financial details including bank or credit card details.  A breach in this information would be very damaging therefore securing it on a management system with limited access is a great option.


Any charity will want to be transparent in its everyday operation and the security of any personal data that is held will be of paramount importance.   All charities are not the same when it comes to document control.   Datascan Document Services are renowned in Ireland as the company of choice when it comes to medical records scanning in particular.  As such, our expertise is well received by a number of Irish medical charities already.   We offer a free trial of our services and are certified to ISO 27001 for added reassurance that we take our clients data protection very seriously.  Contact our team today for more information.