As each medical practice will be aware, records for patients must be held for a specific period of time.

Medical Records DataScan

The Medical Council Guide to ‘Professional Conduct and Ethics for Registered Medical Practitioners’ outlines the retention period can be anything from 8 years upwards depending on the circumstances.

The number of these records could be considerable, particularly if the practice has been operating for many decades.  In some cases, Datascan have seen whole rooms taken up with boxes and filing cabinets of paper documents.


Why are more medical practices in Ireland scanning their files?  There are no storage implications as digital files don’t take up physical space, so these files can be held indefinitely.  This not only covers compliance but will cover all eventualities.


Patient files, history, test results, correspondence all can be linked together for easy access.  Once the old paper documents are digital they can be integrated with current files being inputted on existing systems.   Datascan work with medical practices all over the country so we are able to integrate with any software package you might work with.

Time Saving

Once digital files are uploaded they are easy to find as everything is there to hand at a click of a mouse or touch of a keyboard.  You have immediate access to whatever you need and that will go for all authorised staff members.   Several users can view the same files simultaneously if necessary to share information.

Cost saving    

Staff time can be one of your highest overheads.  Once freed up from filing and searching for files your team can be more productive and use their skills for better purposes.  Streamlining your business processes and cutting out unnecessary costs will add to your bottom line.

Reduce Risk

Your files will be stored in the cloud giving you peace of mind that they are secure.  You are also avoiding the risk of damage or destruction by fire, flood or theft.  Once we have scanned your files we can confidentially destroy paper files securely.

There is a reason why Datascan are the business of choice for GP’s and medical practices all over Ireland.  We have a specialist medical scanning department because we understand how sensitive and important this information is.  You can trust us to keep your information safe at all times.  Try our service today with a free trial and see what a difference it could make to you.