Benefits & Features

Advantages of Medical Records Scanning:

By having these documents and patient records scanned and digitised into electronic format there you will be able to:

Access all records at your desk without having to search through files
Retrieve any patient or employee record instantly searching by name, date of birth and other relevant information
Have all documents and health records Securely backed up
Create more office space in Medical departments by removing hard copy documents
Reduce time spent on file searching and file administration duties
Distribute relevant documents between departments if a file is requested
Keep your Software Systems up to date.

Too many documents are misplaced or lost in many hospitals, surgeries and offices throughout the health sector, this is something scanning and digitising can eliminate while bringing departments much more up to date and efficient.

DataScan has worked with many Clinics, Medical Centres & Hospitals over a number of years to have their documents scanned and archived electronically to ensure they are safely stored away electronically whilst available on the secure electronic network.

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