The Scanning Process

Please scroll down to view each step in the medical records scanning process.

The Scanning Process

Request Authorisation From Doctor

DataScan will request authorisation from the Doctor to communicate with their Patient Management System such as Socrates on their behalf.

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DataScan Receives Patient ID Database from Software Company

Once this written permission has been obtained - this will consist of First name, Surname, Date of Birth and Identification Number.

Step 2

Collect Patient Files

Datascan then collects the Patient Files from the Surgery - using our own Garda-Screened Driver.

Step 3

Files Scanned and Matched

All scans will be matched to the identifier record in the Patient Identifier Database for each file.

Step 4

Scanned Files Delivered

When all the scans are complete the Scanned Files will be delivered either by encrypted USB or via a secure Private Cloud to the Doctors Surgery.

Step 5

Scans Imported

Scans can then be imported direct into the Patient Management System all at once - each scan being imported into the corresponding patient record.

Step 6

Cooling-Off Period

For up to one month.

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Authorisation to Destroy Records sought

We will supply the Doctor with an 'Authorisation to Destroy Records' form.

Step 8

Confidentially Destroyed

Once this document has been completed - the Scanned Files will be Confidentially Destroyed.

Step 9

Certificate of Secure Destruction

The surgery will then be issued with a Certificate of Secure Destruction - confirming that the records have been properly disposed of.

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