Moving office don't get dragged down datascan

So you have decided it is time to say goodbye to your old office, time to move – onwards and upwards.  It’s a happy decision because it means you are moving to another chapter of your business life.  However, it can also be a stressful time and the more you can do to lessen this stress the better.

The Move

You may be moving office for one of many reasons.  Hopefully it is because you are expanding and need more space for a bigger team and more sales. Being closer to your clients or being nearer the talent you need is another common reason.  Or maybe you just want to move to another nicer part of the city and that might mean a smaller office.   Whatever the reason you want to make sure the process is as straightforward as possible.

Cost of the move

Once you make the decision to move and have found the new location you will be anxious to get moving.  Here is where the costs can start to rise with professional movers or hiring a moving truck.  There is also the cost of downtime when you are packing up and delays getting IT back up and running.  The one area you could look at is reducing cost is in the amount you have to pack up and move.

Travel Light

Client files and office documents can fill up numerous boxes and you don’t want to misplace anything important.  You might think about photocopying them and having two sets in case one gets lost in the move.  Stop, that is silly!  Take this opportunity to have a clear out by having them all scanned.

Call Datascan and get those files collected from the old premises.   We can scan each and every page for you, index them just how you want and convert them to electronic files.  You do the move and when you arrive at the new place, just upload the now digital files onto your management system.

Easy, now you don’t have to worry about things get lost in the move and you will have more space in your new office.  But don’t let that space go to waste, have that new tea room, that nice cool contemporary reception area.  Fill your space with plants, pictures and new memories – not boxes of files.