It’s time to move to your bigger office, business has been good and you are expanding.  But do you really want to drag all those paper files with you?

Moving Office DataScan


Why don’t you put them into boxes, give Datascan a call and let us collect those boxes from you.  We can do our magic and deliver them back to you digitally, not in a box but stored in the cloud securely.

No more dusty filing cabinets, no more searching through level arch files, no more searching for that piece of paper that was put in the wrong file.  Click and your information is there on screen ready to read or email.

Now your only problem is what to do with the free space where your filing cabinets were.

We have 5 great ideas of what you should do with your free space:

  1. Art: Now you have more space in your office for nicer things like a cool piece of art, something good to look at to inspire you to be more creative. Or something to just brighten up your day, a memento to remind you of holidays and good fun ahead
  2. Sofa: A comfy sofa so you can sit and enjoy coffee at break time with your co-workers, or have a cheeky mid afternoon nap. What about a pool table, a football table or a dart board for a bit of competitive fun at lunchtime?
  3. Table: Wouldn’t it be great to finally have a meeting table with chairs that actually has enough space to sit around? Looking professional and being comfortable.
  4. New Hire: If business is going well it’s always good to have a spare office for when you grow bigger and need to hire another person
  5. Peace & Quiet: That extra space might mean you no longer have to share.  Might be nice to have an office to move that lovely chatty co-worker into so you can concentrate.

Whatever you decide to do with your free space, make the most of it.  If you are wondering how you can convert your paper documents into digital files, please get in touch.  We’d love to tell you about our service and how we can make your work life a little easier for you.  And we will give you a free trial, now that’s an offer you can’t refuse.