We are delighted to announce that Orla Cafferty has taken over as Chief Executive Officer at Datascan. Orla takes over the role from her father Padraic Cafferty, who has held the role for nearly thirty years. Padraic will assume the role of company Chairman from May 2021.

Progressing to the role of Chief Executive Officer, Orla will continue to work closely with Padraic and will lead the wider Datascan team on the future strategic direction of the company. She has served as a Director of the company since 2001.

Throughout her career, Orla has gained significant experience in the provision of outsourced business services. Prior to working at Datascan, Orla spent ten years in Human Resources Management working for Securiforce Ltd. and Banta Global Turnkey, a multinational outsourced solutions provider. She has also served as a Director of Officechairs.ie since 2005.

Commenting on the announcement, Orla Cafferty, Chief Executive Officer of Datascan said: “This marks a significant development for our family business and is the culmination of a programme of expansion of our senior management team intended to future-proof the organisation. This programme includes the recent strengthening of our sales function and the upcoming appointment of a Human Resources manager to support the ongoing development of our team.

Orla takes over from Padraic Cafferty

I am delighted to be taking on the role of Chief Executive Officer at this time of great challenge and opportunity for family businesses. I look forward to continuing to expand our range of data capture services and further develop Datascan’s track record of success. It is an honour for me to lead the family business that my father has nurtured up to now.  I also look forward to continuing to work closely with Padraic in his new role as Chairman, and I would like to commend him on all that he has achieved since he added Datascan to his other business interests all those years ago.”

Former CEO moves to the role of Chairman

Padraic Cafferty, Chairman of Datascan said: “I am delighted to take on the role of Chairman after nearly thirty years at Datascan. With Orla now leading the operations, I will adopt an advisory role as we implement the programme we have set out to grow our presence in this expanding market place, including driving strategic alliances and synergies with other likeminded operators that will help us to realise our vision. I have every confidence that Orla will maintain the culture of providing excellent value for our clients and will continue to develop our services in new and innovative ways.”