paper is a cost you could do without datascan

A paperless office, often referred to as a paper-free office, is a work environment in which the use of paper is eliminated or greatly reduced.

Ever since the 1970’s the concept of life in a modern office would have never had included paper.  The belief was that there would be such advances in technology that old fashioned paper would be redundant.   While we may have reduced our dependency somewhat over the years many offices still rely too much on this resource.

Paper driven office

It is hard to believe that in this advancing technological world that paper forms and files still exist.  It has been a challenge for many years to reduce paper use and continues to be a goal for many businesses.  However, maybe the message that paper is an unnecessary cost is finally getting through to business owners.  We have noticed a large uptake in scanning files from Irish SMEs and the main driver for this is in order to save money.

Paper forms are costing your business money

Think of all the paper forms in your office today.  There will be internal forms such as expense claim forms, new customer setup forms and request for holiday forms.  Then there will be external forms for the movement of products, for purchasing and probably for sales transactions.

Here’s where the costs start to add up.  Firstly the form has to be printed, then time is spent manually filling them out by staff.  Somebody must input the information into the system and maybe revisit their work checking errors and making adjustments.

The cost does not stop there.  Later there is the cost of storage of the files, handling the files and even moving the files.  Then comes the time spent searching through paper documents.  It’s all time and costs that are draining €€€ from your business.

It’s time to think Paperless

Saving money is the most obvious benefit to going paperless but there are so many more:

  • Improved Workflow – There is less handing of paper, files are accessible by team members whenever they need the information and sharing is easier when there is a single source.
  • Boost productivity – There will be happier customers as transactions are more accurate and faster. Happy customers mean happier staff that are more productive doing more challenging work.
  • Visibility – Paperless makes information more visible. It’s easy to set reminders of tasks so things are not forgotten, it helps with compliancy, it’s easier for audit and streamlining transactions.
  • Security – Digital files can help keep information safer, perfect for compliance with data protection.
  • Saving Money – Save storage costs and staff time (always worth repeating).

And the downside?  With happier staff, a financial manager happy with saving money, a sales manager with happy customers, a HR manager with more engaged staff and a Managing director that is looking at increased profits and productivity – what’s not to be happy about.

We can’t find any downsides and neither can our clients.

At Datascan we can help you turn your office into a paperless one.  With document scanning, document management and data capture technology we help make it a reality.  For more information on our services contact our expert friendly team.