What is the difference between a photocopy and a scanned document? If you are thinking about managing the documents in your office, then you might be debating which you should do.

Copying documents

Scanning or photocopying will make a copy of a document, that is true.  However, there are significant differences.  Photocopying involves making more paper, the copy of the original document will be of lesser quality and eventually there may be a copy of the actual copy and you know for sure it will be even more faded.

Photocopying in the office may be a rushed business, let’s face it, it is not the most exciting way of spending time.  Therefore, the original may not be lined up properly and bits of information may end up missing on the copy. Add to this the increased work of putting that piece of paper in a file, it is just a more time-consuming job.  To be honest, the paper copy will probably end up on your desk in a pile waiting to be filed away anyway.  Thus, leading to lost information and frantic searching.

Scanning documents

When your paper documents are scanned professionally the actual scanned copy will be of the highest quality.  It will be aligned correctly to ensure no loss of information.  A scanned copy will never fade, get crumpled or deteriorate and will remain true to the original for all times.

The scanned copy will be easily uploaded to the CRM system, meaning simple and effective filing.  This copy will be easy to share with team members or clients as required.  No need to even get up from your seat. In the office or at home working remotely, you can access the information at a click of a mouse.

So, if you are debating between spending time at your photocopier or having that pile of paper professionally scanned and digitised, then the decision is easy. Plus, it is not as expensive as you think particularly when you factor in the time saved and efficiencies created.  Talk to our friendly expert team today about a trial.