Planning a Digitisation Project datascan

It does not make any sense to rely on paper when all your staff have access to a PC, tablet and a smart device that could be used to access records online.   The day of the office with a high dependency on paper is fast disappearing.

Document digitisation is a term used to describe converting your paper files and documents into a digital format.  This allows the information to be managed within your own software package and also have it stored securely in the cloud.

Your Digital Plan

As with any significant change within the business, it is always best practice to formulate a plan to ensure it runs smoothly.  All the relevant stakeholders will have to be taken into account and their requirements examined.

It is also especially important to set expectations before commencing the project.  Sometimes the needs of the company can be complex.  There may not be an ‘off the shelf’ solution that makes sense for that business.  Therefore, they may need something bespoke to fit their requirements.

Document Digitisation

With a bit of planning, the project can go smoothly with no last minute unwanted surprises.  The first thing to do is to see how the future should look and determine what is needed to achieve this.  The journey should be as straightforward as possible and there should also be something in the plan for things that may go wrong.

A good partner will work with you at planning, execution and also after completion.  They will discuss the concept of document digitisation with you and ensure it is the right fit for you.  They will find out what your needs and ensure your expectations are achievable.   This will result in a project that is well organised and gets completed in the most efficient way.

At Datascan Document Services we share our experience with our new clients.  We can advise on the best ways to complete the process.  We know how to because we have worked with clients just like you.  Talk to us today about your journey to document digitisation.