Case Study.

Pieta House – The Journey to Digital

In January 2006 Pieta House opened its doors in Lucan, Co. Dublin. Pieta House offers crisis intervention and prevention counselling services for those at risk of suicide and self-harm and those who have been bereaved by suicide. All services at Pieta House are completely free of charge.

Pieta House now has 15 counselling centres nationwide and 4 outreach centres. Since 2006 Pieta House has supported over 40,000 people across the island of Ireland.

Datascan has always admired the wonderful work this organisation provides and we were delighted to have the opportunity to work with them towards a digital solution.

Orla Kelly of Pieta House speaks with us on the story so far.

What was your challenge?

When we decided to move our Head Office from Lucan Village to a new location in Tallaght, we knew we had 16 Filing cabinets full of closed client files. We are obliged to retain closed files for a period of time and while we needed to retain this data our new location did not have the capacity to house all these filing cabinets.  This was also a problem for us regionally, so we needed to identify a robust solution that provided complete confidentiality, security and compliance with GDPR.

What was the process like for you?

We identified Datascan as a possible partner.  Our main concern was the security and confidentiality of our client data. We initially met with Datascan on site and then at their facility in North Dublin. They explained clearly the process of barcoding our files, transporting them securely to their facility for the scanning process to begin and the audit process to ensure nothing was missed or processed incorrectly. We were impressed with their professionalism.

What has been the biggest benefit?  

The main benefit for Pieta House is that now all closed client files are held securely and in digital format in the cloud. We do not have any storage issues in our head office or across our 15 centres.

Our retrieval process, when required, is very secure, confidential and efficient.

The journey to digital has saved Pieta House time and money in the long term

How did you find working with Datascan?

We find the overall working experience with Datascan very positive. All staff are extremely efficient and solution focussed. We now have an ongoing working relationship with Datascan. We would highly recommend Datascan as one of the leading service providers in the digital transformation space.