Preserving the archives of the past for the generations of the future

Preserving the past datascan

It is estimated that over 70 million people around the world are of Irish descent.

Even those who have never set foot on Irish soil can still have an interest in finding out about past generations and the land from where they came.

Archive search

That is why when a website containing information from the censuses from 1901 and 1911 was launched the excitement spread globally and the project was deemed a huge success.   While this high profile project was digitised outside of Ireland, there are other similar projects that have been completed in Ireland in the recent past.

Modern Technology

There are many valuable documents that form part of the heritage of Ireland and thankfully the generations of the past knew the importance of the preservation of these records.  Now with the technology available to us we can not only preserve this information but easily allow access to it in a manner that will not cause any damage.


To many people the thoughts of having to scan a document archive, or back scanning, can seem a daunting task.  However, archive scanning projects are now common place and when organised in a methodical way can be completed with minimum effort.  Files can be collected all at once or in batches to suit the client.  In many cases, these documents are bulky so can be stored in multiple locations but this is all manageable.


The best way to proceed can differ from one project to another.  Preparation is key, deciding where to start and having the plan in place to collect boxes and files at numerous locations can make the project easier to manage.

By using a company with high volume scanners the work can be completed surprisingly quickly in a secure location.  The original documents can either be securely destroyed or transported to off-site storage as the client wishes.


To ensure the information is easily searchable there will probably be an index required.  This can be either using single or multiple criteria as required by the client.   Document management involves being able to track, manage and store information.  Archive of relevant information is similar in nature as the information is able to be uploaded and managed in a secure place.  In many cases allowing others the ability search the information online.

Not just museums

While the word ‘archives’ might conjure up thoughts of dusty historical documents, it’s not only those of national interest that may be considered. In many long established businesses and organisations throughout the country there are documents of significance that warrant preserving for future custodians.  Not just newspapers but documents of interest that may be even more precious for many in the generations to come.

A prime example of this is the archiving of the Mungret College Annuals from 1879 to the closure of the school.  Datascan digitised all of these and the annuals are now provided in a PDF format that are searchable and downloadable to interested parties.  This project is preserving the history of both the college and many family memories for the years to come.


For more information on scanning and archive projects you can always speak with the expert team at Datascan, the experts in document management in Ireland for over 20 years.