Datascan will guide you to a paper-less office.

Datascan has gained extensive experience with the public sector over the recent years both in the CCTV video redaction service and through the provision of document digitisation, medical records processing, and data minimisation services.

Some of the larger projects recently completed include the supporting of government departments with CCTV redaction services for their public offices.

We have supported Universities and County Councils in digitising departmental files so that hybrid workers can collaborate on projects more quickly, securely and with less time and fuss involved.

Datascan’s services work in tandem with existing or new information management systems and help to further the digitalisation strategy set out for the public sector.

Datascan Services for the Public Sector

Efficient Public Sector Document Imaging, the Right Way.

Experience a hassle-free Public Sector document scanning with our streamlined approach. Our team of experts will effortlessly guide you through the entire process, ensuring a seamless conversion project. Entrust your Public Sector documents to us. Simplify your journey with our reliable Public Sector document imaging services.