Quality & Compliance datascan

A business that takes quality and compliance seriously will keep their attention on every stage of the process of delivery to ensure the desired level of quality is reached.  Part of this way of operating will be to have a series of procedures and processes in place that will ensure consistency at every point.  Performance will be measured and recorded throughout for continual improvement.

Importance of Standards

While our business has been certified to ISO 9001 for quite some time, a couple of years ago we decided to add ISO 27001 – the internationally recognised standard for information security.  While quality was always at the heart of what we do, we realised that our clients wanted to know their information was totally secure in our hands.  When we looked at our larger clients, we saw that some of them had ISO 27001 and wanted to partner with suppliers that could offer a similar level of compliance and reassurance.


Each industry sector will have its own regulations and legislation.  We have clients in the medical sector, investments, legal, construction, financial and some very niche areas.  All of whom have their own requirements when it comes to being compliant.  This compliancy brings with it a requirement to keep records and ensure the safety of their data.  Datascan Document Services take GDPR and data protection very seriously and have built a set of processes that are completely reliable.  We ensure our processes meet even the most stringent guidelines.


Quality is a degree of excellence that the modern consumer demands.  Datascan Document Services is an outsourced document service bureau in operation since 1993.  Quality is what has kept us as a leader in our industry for all these years.  When it comes to compliancy and standards, our clients expect a high level of quality and we guarantee it.

Whatever your systems or processes, when it comes to compliance with your data, we will have you covered.  We are expert in the provision of document digitisation and data capture services.  Our processes have been independently audited and deemed to be of the highest standards.  To find out more and to avail of a free trial you can speak with our expert team.