Have you noticed that there is an abundance of television shows on the subject of ‘Tidying up’ lately?  The latest documentary on Netflix is called ‘Minimalism’, we are all familiar with Marie Kondo who is the queen of tidying up and we even have our own Irish version ‘Home Rescue’.

Cutting back on clutter

They all say, ‘if it does not bring you joy, then bin it’.  Well, you cannot do that in business when you need to retain records.  However, the trend of tidying up and removing clutter has moved to the business world.

Knowing what you have is the starting point.  Many boxes of files have lived on the top shelf for far too long.  Somebody needs to bring all the paperwork out and decide what you need to keep.  With GDPR and data protection we are also obliged to ensure we are not holding information for longer than is necessary, so this is a valuable exercise.

Next you will assemble all the paperwork you want to keep.  However, we do not want you to put these up on the shelves again, this is where Datascan come into the equation.  Our expert team will come to your office and take all those boxes from you.   We transport them to our secure facility where we professionally scan each one.  We then index them according to your categories and requirements so you can easily upload them onto your management system.

This results in your records being properly retained, with all the information intact and easily viewed.

The benefits of a declutter.

We have done the heavy lifting (literally) and now you will have a tidy clutter free office.  But it is more beneficial than that.  When you upload the files, they are fully integrated with all other client and supplier information you have.  Easily searchable and accessible for your team.

You will also reduce risk, the information is now stored securely, with no worry about loosing precious data or it being access by unauthorised people.

Having a robust Document Management System helps you create documents, maintain them, access them, and time their destruction if necessary.  So, take a tip from the clutter free experts and start that spring clean today.