At certain times, your medical practice can get remarkably busy and it could be easy for staff to get overwhelmed.

It is being reported in the media that many people were reluctant to contact their GP in recent months due to concerns over the Covid-19.  Therefore, an increase in patient demand is expected shortly.  With practices already busy dealing with all aspects of the current crisis, this additional pressure on a practice may stretch already tight resources.

Outsourcing to reduce pressure

As with any business, the outsourcing of aspects of the business can reduce pressure and increase efficiencies. The simple act of placing the scanning of your files, documents and records with a trusted provider makes financial sense.  Not only will this free up valuable time for your team when it comes to filing, it will also make accessing patient files more efficient.  Every piece of information will be there, literally at the click of a mouse.

Cost Effective

Outsourcing your scanning will be a straightforward process.  We can collect the files from your office, bringing them to our secure location and using the latest technology scan and return them to you in digital format.  Then we can continue to batch scan your paperwork and, in many cases, it can cost as little as one of your consultation fees.  Thus freeing up your team to be more productive in more meaningful patient facing tasks.


It is now considered best practice to store information digitally rather than in paper format.  By securing the information on your patient management system you can rest assured it will only be accessible by authorised medical personnel in your practice.  Safe against fire, flood and theft and easily managed when needed.

So, ease the burden on the team at your medical practice by outsourcing your scanning to us.  Do not get overwhelmed, this is the ideal time to convert to digital files.  Contact our expert team to find out more or avail of a free trial.