Once you have decided to avail of the many benefits that come with converting your files to digital you may wonder how safe your information will be when you give it to us.

With Datascan you can rest assured that we take data security very seriously.

your data safe datascan

Data Collection

From the moment we touch your files we are responsible for their safety.  That is why we only use our own drivers to collect your documents.  These drivers are fully vetted and we trust them to take excellent care of your property while transporting them to our premises.

Secure Building

Our building is secure and by having biometric access it ensures only our trusted staff can enter areas where your data is stored.   Your files will be in a secure area at all times with extra measures in place to protect against accident, fire and flood.  Our security systems monitor all visitors to our premises and they can only access certain areas of the building.  We are ISO approved which ensures all the team operate to best practice at all times to ensure consistent quality levels.

Data Protection

We employ data protection methods that ensure everything is fully traceable for our clients.  Our comprehensive client service level agreements and registration with the Irish Data Protection Commissioner mean our systems are measurable at all times.

We will always have the most up to date IT security and our document network is not open to the outside world, it is stand alone to protect our valued clients.

 Disposal of Files

We are approved for confidential shredding of information and that is critical because amongst our clients are medical centres.  They trust us with their patients’ medical files so we must be 100% sure at all times that the information we are entrusted with is disposed of in a secure manner.


Now you know what Datascan do to ensure your information is safe, you might look at your current practices and take stock of how safe your data is when not stored securely in the cloud.  For more information on our services or if you would like to avail of a free trial please contact us 01 8068461