Saving money in the mailroom datascan

While additional revenue is always the objective for any business, reducing costs will be an important element of remaining a profitable company.  In general, outsourcing means lower costs and access to higher quality.  It makes sense that using an expert in their field will bring an element of expertise that most businesses won’t have in-house.  Also, only paying for what you actually need when you need it will result in a lower cost overall.

Mailroom Services

The daily post could seem like a tiny area of the business but this function can take up a significant amount of time without you realising it.   Once a letter arrives and is opened then it is put on somebody’s desk, all done right?  Not necessarily so.  This piece of paper can sit in a pile or get passed around until it is almost forgotten about.  Delayed reaction to correspondence can have undesirable consequences for a business.

With an automated process your post is opened and sorted promptly.  It is then scanned to a digital copy and delivered to the intended department.  Now there is a process started, that correspondence has entered the system and needs to be processed accordingly.  There is more accountability and less likelihood of mistakes or the issue being forgotten about.

Reduce Manual Intervention

When you reduce manual intervention there are cost savings to be made.  With Datascan looking after the mailroom, your staff resources can be used in more productive ways to generate revenue.  Your team are experts in your industry sector and should be focusing on your core business.  This is why it makes sense to outsource time consuming manual work that is costing you too much money.

We all know that a digital workflow works better.  It allows effective sharing of information between team members and lessens the risk of loss of information.   Now that your post is digitised it can flow between departments seamlessly.  The other benefit is that digital files help with compliance, especially when it comes to GDPR and data protection laws.

Saving money in the mailroom makes sense, for a small outsourcing cost the return on your investment can be significant.  To find out more about this service, or any of our scanning services you can speak with the expert team at Datascan Document Services.