You might be looking for more space in your office these days to comply with social distancing in the workplace.  It is a good excuse to go through those boxes of files and clear out that office that somehow became a storage space a few years ago.

A job like this needs to be approached with the right attitude.  Like ripping off a plaster, it is best to get it done quickly and not let the project drag on.

Why shred documents?

Getting rid of old files and paperwork will immediately start to make a difference in your office.  Firstly, it gives you back space that can be used for more productive purposes.  Deleting information is a legal requirement, not holding on to data for longer than is needed is one element of the GDPR. By shredding paperwork, rather than placing it in the regular bin, it also prevents identify theft.

Get to Scanning

Many businesses manually shred and scan their own paperwork.  That is fine if you are a small business with limited transactions.  However, when you start to expand the business then scanning can start getting to be an unwieldy task.  It is certainly the task that no member of the team will volunteer to take on.  It is a tedious job that still requires a lot of concentration and attention to detail.

Why scanning in-house might not be the cheaper option

Do you think it would be cheaper to scan it yourself? You might be surprised when you add up the numbers.  Let us assume that you have several members of staff scanning documents on an ongoing basis in your office.  At 15 minutes per day for a year, somebody scanning in your office on minimum wage would cost you €650, rising to €1,220 for somebody on the average industrial wage.  That is just for their hourly rate and will not include the loss of productivity while being away from their regular occupation.

Outsource your scanning

Why not have a professional document scanning service look after all this for you?  We can collect those boxes, scan them securely, index them and return them to you in digital format.  Also offering you the option of either storing or securely destroying your paper originals.  Saving you time, reducing your costs, and keeping your team happy in a more spacious office.  Call us today to find out how effective this option is.