Alan is an accountant, and he has found the past year or so quite challenging as he and his team have been working from home most of the time.  However, there will soon be a return to the office for him and the team.  He is delighted with that and in fairness, so are the team.

Files in a Mess

Each of his team would have taken files from the office throughout the year and brought them home to work with.  Now Alan is facing a bit of a mess as he does not know where all the files are, and which person has which box of files.  He has realised that some files are in the office while others are ‘missing’. He is becoming worried and stressed – he needs to get control of his client files.

Control Client Files

We have been speaking to people like Alan every day lately.  It’s time to get everything back in place for a new start back to office work.  Datascan can take all the boxes of files and then sort and scan each one.  We can return the files to you or indeed shred any documents as required, particularly those closed files.

Batch Scanning

Our batch scanning system means we then arrange to collect a box or two from Alan each month so that he can keep up to date on his document scanning.  This also spreads out the cost for him and allows him to keep on top of things.

Scanning your paper documents and creating digital files make sense.

Why outsource this?  Because we do it professionally and it is not as expensive as you may think.  Keeping control on all the files and ensuring they are secure is vital to an accountant like Alan. No more missing files and Alan always has complete control on all his client files.

The additional benefit of having them shareable among the team will also help accommodate remote working too.  Good news all round for Alan and his team.  To find out more, contact the friendly team at Datascan.