When you think of scanning documents you may automatically imagine rooms of A4 lever arch files full of paper.  In general, you would be right as this will represent the size of most of the documents we scan.  But what about those large posters, maps, and drawings?  What can we do with them?  Well, scan them, of course!

Large Format Scanning

Our large format scanners can take sizes up to A0 which means that we can scan large documents such as maps, drawings, blueprints, posters, prints and plans.  Ideal for many industry requirements particularly in construction, planning, engineering, and architecture. When drawings need to be shared amongst others, a digital file is often the best solution.

Wide format documents such as these can be difficult to store.  Imagine the valuable space these drawings take up?  Even if they are rolled up and put in tubes, they will take up valuable office space that could be put to better use.

Maps, Plans and Blueprints

When somebody needs access to view this large paper document you have the difficulty in deciding how to share it.  If you make a copy, it can be costly and awkward to arrange.   Having the map or plan digitised allows them to be easily accessed by your team while being stored securely with access only by authorised team members.   They are also easy to email, sending them to a third party so they have them immediately is a great benefit when working on a project together.

A2, A1 or even A0 Scanning

We take your files, the document will be professionally captured as an image, indexed and ready for upload to your secure system.  Therefore, allowing these files to be shareable and giving you back valuable office space.  This also ensures that your valuable documents are protected, particularly important as these types of documents can often be irreplaceable. Transform your A2, A1 or A0 large format documents to digital today.  Give our expert team a call to arrange.