Scanning sensitive documents datascan

We have read the shocking stories about random files and documents being discovered by members of the public.  The personal files being found in a park by a dog walker, the briefcase containing legal files left on a train, health records found on the side of a dual carriageway, medical records found on an Irish city street to name a few.  These discoveries can have serious consequences for the innocent parties.

Sensitive Information

Having your personal sensitive information shared without your permission is something that nobody would wish for.  A combination of your name, address, contact details, date of birth and PPS number can open many doors for criminals.  Further information such as medical conditions, legal activities and financial records could be even more disastrous.

The people that gave their information to a private company or public body trusted them to keep their information private.  When that does not happen, it leads to a security breach and that in turn leaves the business open to prosecution and possibly a hefty fine.

 Cost of Storage

With increasing regulation around subjects such as money laundering and identity theft, the requirement for customers to provide photo ID and proof of address is commonplace.  When a business copies this information, they will have to store it.   Stored as paper documents it will take up a tremendous amount of office space and that has a cost in itself.  The other more significant cost comes when paper is handled by staff, particularly if they must file and search regularly.  This is not very efficient and highly costly in staff time.

Storing Information Securely

The information must be stored securely, and this is when document scanning (or digitization) comes into force.  Datascan Document Services handle sensitive documents that include medical, legal and financial documents.  We ensure our clients files are totally secure from the moment they are collected until they are returned in digital format.  We take that security so seriously that we decided to get certified to ISO 27001.  We work with leading medical practitioners, financial firms and legal practices to ensure their sensitive information is accurately and securely scanned and digitised.  Talk to us today about protecting your client’s information.