What are Scanning Services?

Datascan has been a leading provider of digital scanning services in Ireland for almost 30 years. We pride ourselves of offering our clients a straightforward solution that is both flexible and reliable. Our clients range from medical, financial, legal to professional services. One thing they all have in common is that they need their documents scanned accurately and provided to them in a digital format that suits their systems.

Our scanning service is fully auditable and secured at every stage, including biometric access control at our premises. Certified to ISO27001, we take every precaution to ensure that our clients’ data is secured at all times. Our expert team use the latest technology for accuracy, that is why most of our business comes from our client referrals.

Smart Document Management

Batch Scanning

Datascan offer a collect and scan service that suits each client.  We can arrange to batch scan daily, weekly, monthly or even quarterly to suit your needs.  All documents are transported to us in a secure fashion and the scanning is completed quickly and accurately.  Digital files are then stored in the cloud ready for your needs.

This Day Forward Scanning

If you have recently invested in a management software package and have made the decision for your office to go paperless from “This Day Forward”, we can provide your business with a customisable scanning service that will ensure that your systems will remain totally up to date.  Clients will always realise that our scanning service is efficient and more cost effective than scanning in house.

Large Format Scanning

Datascan can also scan large format documents such as maps and drawings to create digital files. These can include blueprints, maps, drawings, plans and more. This option is particularly popular for blueprint scanning or digitizing engineering and architectural surveys and drawings.

Wide format documents such as maps and posters can be difficult to store. Having these digitised allows them to be easily accessed by your team and protects potentially irreplaceable documents. The document will be professionally captured as an image, indexed and ready for upload to your secure system. Therefore, allowing these files to be shareable and giving you back valuable office space. Transform your A3, A2, A1 or A0 large format documents to digital.

Auto Capture

Our auto capture scanning service can identify information that is inputted into a written form and will extract that information allowing it to be uploaded to your system.  Leaving all the relevant information indexed to your customer and reducing the need to spend hours typing in data from forms.

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