Saving time and reducing the pressure on resources will always lead to cost savings.  This may be particularly true if you work in a law firm, where there is a lot of paperwork to handle and time is extremely valuable.

Solicitors scanning documents datascan

Solicitors take on a lot of clients, and the paperwork which this generates can be phenomenal.  Any one client may have dozens of papers pertaining to their case.  Added to this, files may need to be stored for years for legal reasons or to keep them safe for the client.  At all times, a law practice must be able to locate and produce documents, whether they relate to an active case or not, so the need for organisation is very obvious.

Scanning and storing digitally

The ideal solution to these problems is to scan the documents and store them digitally on the Cloud, where they can be accessed by the professionals requiring them at any time.  This solution also allows for sharing with other parties, so if a medical file is needed by a doctor or other health professional, it can be scanned and sent electronically, saving the expense and time taken by couriering it, and also reducing any chance of it getting lost.  This is even more true if the recipient is abroad, and needs the documents quickly.  The information will be sensitive, so losing the document could have legal repercussions, and is far from professional.

Multiple access on one case file

Having the documents stored online also means that several professionals can access the same one, either from the office or at home.  This helps to increase efficiency, and prevents lawyers from suddenly finding that they cannot complete a piece of work because their colleague has the relevant document.  In the modern world, many clients may choose to send in paperwork by email rather than by post, so it will often already be in electronic form; converting other files allows for a coherent structure which will keep everything in order.

Easy to organise

Electronic files also have a major advantage in that they are easy to organise, drastically reducing time which may be spent searching for a particular file.  No matter how good a filing system, large amounts of paperwork always take time to search through, but electronic files can be ordered by type, date, or even just searched by name.  The chances of them being misplaced are reduced, and law professionals will have a much easier time locating all the files they need to do the job on hand without hunting through mountains of paperwork for the one sheet of paper which they need.

Law firms may choose to scan in-house files, but if they have a backlog – which is quite likely, given how long they may have stored documents for, especially on closed cases – then Datascan may be able to help.  Instead of putting pressure on staff who already have assigned tasks, we can quickly work through your backlog, converting all your files to a safe, online storage where they will be accessible by staff