Being ready for the introduction of GDPR can seem quite daunting at the beginning of your journey.

EU GDPR DataScan


With such a deadline looming the whole process can seem quite overwhelming and confusing. However, being prepared is essential as you don’t want a negative impact on your business that could cause you issues.

Understand what data you have

As with many business decisions you need to stop and take stock of what the situation currently is.  Sometimes called a situation analysis, this is a time when you can take a step back and look at the overall picture.  When it comes to data and information that is held within the business it can be a struggle to know what you have and where it is.

Think of this as an opportunity for a ‘spring clean’.  A time to search through all folders, boxes and cabinets to find the information you may have on clients, employees and other stakeholders.   All this information can then be scanned and sorted so you have an inventory of everything you hold.   Once the information has been transformed to digital, the paper can be confidentially destroyed later for added security.

Information Audit

Now that you have all the personal data your business holds in one place you can audit it.  You can identify where each piece of data resides and what you need to do with it.    Once you can see the information you have you will decide what you need to keep and what you can destroy.  This audit stage is a great time to remove anything that is obsolete or irrelevant.

Data Register

When you have decided what you are keeping, you can register what you have and where you have it.   You will want to keep HR files on employees in a certain place and restrict access to authorised team members.  Customer files may need to be easily accessed by many team members but you can restrict how much information is accessed.   All information will be filed in such a way that should a query arise you can make sure you are adequately covered.

While there may be significant work to be done to ensure your organisation becomes compliant with the new EU General Data Protection Regulation next year, this could be your first step in the process.  Not only will it help with the GDPR, it could be that excuse you were looking for to streamline your files and create a more efficient workplace.

Outsourcing Scanning

Scanning files internally will be time consuming and a job that everybody in the office will shrink away from.  When you consider the cost of diverting a member of staff to this task it really doesn’t make sense.  That is why Datascan is the company of choice when it comes to outsourcing this job.  We securely collect your documents and bring them to our state of the art facility where they are scanned and transformed into digital files for you to upload on to your CRM system.

You can contact Datascan for a competitive quotation for bulk scanning.  Our systems ensure complete security of your information and our friendly team can answer any questions you may have.