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GDPR Training for Nursing Home Sector

Datascan extend an invitation to all involved in the nursing home industry to a very special event.  Our full day GDPR Training is provided by Datatrails, our trainer of choice and experts in GDPR in order to provide clarity and solutions to Nursing Homes. Date:  10th October 2019 Venue:  Westpoint Business Centre, Barrack Street, Charlestown,… Read more »

Access Control in GDPR

The Data Protection Commission states that a Data Controller is the individual or the legal person who controls and is responsible for the keeping and use of personal information on a computer or in structured manual files. Access Control When it comes to the security of personal data it is their duty to limit the access to… Read more »

How ISO 27001 helps with GDPR

GDPR is now part of the lives of all Irish businesses.  Not only are we aware of its existence, most organisations have now implemented changes to work towards compliance. Datascan were always conscious of data protection regulations and we saw GDPR coming on the horizon some years ago and knew it was time to get… Read more »

Data Controllers

With the introduction of GDPR come a few new terms, one of which is a ‘data controller’. This is the individual who is responsible for the use of personal information stored either on computer or in manual files.  It is a responsible job with many requirements and is critical to the success of compliance to… Read more »