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Access Control in GDPR

The Data Protection Commission states that a Data Controller is the individual or the legal person who controls and is responsible for the keeping and use of personal information on a computer or in structured manual files. Access Control When it comes to the security of personal data it is their duty to limit the access to… Read more »

ISO 27001 certified for Data Protection

The surprisingly low cost of storing information electronically has meant that businesses are holding increasing amounts of personal information.   While it has been shown that these types of digital files are more secure than paper file storage, there will always be a concern about their protection.   This is particularly interesting with data protection being high… Read more »

Data Controllers

With the introduction of GDPR come a few new terms, one of which is a ‘data controller’. This is the individual who is responsible for the use of personal information stored either on computer or in manual files.  It is a responsible job with many requirements and is critical to the success of compliance to… Read more »

Datascan Document Services Awarded Highest Accolade For Information Security

Risk of data breaches reduced.   Datascan Document Services, one of Ireland’s leading specialist document service providers, has been accredited an ISO 27001 certification by BQAI. This is the highest standard for information security, which provides customers with firm reassurance that their data is secured safely.  The BQAI is an accredited management system certification body… Read more »