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How to scan a document

It might seem a pretty straightforward question to ask – how do you scan a document?  There are various different ways to scan a document in your office:  you can use an inhouse scanner which is normally part of the photocopier, you can take a photo with your smartphone and upload it or you can… Read more »

Great reasons to outsource scanning

  In recent years’ Irish firms have been leading the way in cloud computing. Cloud is not only for large organisations anymore.  Increasingly smaller businesses are making the move to store their data in the cloud. Why the Cloud? The main reasons Irish businesses are moving their data to cloud storage are around the concerns… Read more »

Did the recent storm affect your business?

Hurricane weather is something not normally associated with Ireland.  So when Hurricane Ophelia hit our country recently it created a lot of damage and disruption for many.   Once the warnings started to come through on Sunday evening many business owners decided to keep their premises closed on Monday for safety reasons.  With the warnings… Read more »

The Digital Mailroom

Even in our increasingly mobile and technically advanced world of email, apps and social media it is still the case that offices get mail delivered by a postman as they have done for years.  Opening, sorting and delivering post within an organisation can be time consuming and tedious.   That is why we offer a… Read more »