The media at the moment is full of threats about the imminent introduction of the GDPR and how it is going to affect your organisation.

Digitising HR Documents datascan

HR departments are routine users of large amounts of sensitive personal data which is legitimately captured, processed and retained in relation to employees during their employment with an organisation.  Indeed, in the case of pension and payroll related data it may be a requirement that such personal data is retained long after an employee might have moved on from the organisation.

Personal Data

One of the first questions to be addressed on the road to compliance with the GDPR is – What sensitive personal data does our organisation actually hold?  To answer this, you will need to compile a Data Register.

If your organisation is long-established and has perhaps undergone a series of mergers and acquisitions, your HR Department may be holding huge quantities of legacy employee documentation in an array of old filing cabinets.  You may not even really be certain of which employee records you have on file, and whether they should be retained or have passed their retention period.

HR Management Software

The implementation period of HR management software is the ideal opportunity for your HR Department to get to grips with the quantity and nature of your paper personnel records.

Engaging a reputable document scanning bureau to digitise your organisations old paper HR Records will prove to be faster, cheaper and result in better quality images than employing a resource in-house to undertake the work.

There are many benefits to having your old files digitised – the process will assist you to in putting your Data Register together, which is one of your first steps to compliance with the new data protection regulations.  Scanned records can be populated into your new HR Package ensuring that you have all of your employee data, up to date and in a controlled environment, thereby preventing loss and unauthorised access.  And of course, who needs those dusty, old filing cabinets filling up a valuable office when it could be better used for something else.

If you are looking for a reliable HR Software, featuring holiday and absence management, timesheets or applicant tracking then we recommend HR Locker.  These are HR Solutions that work, save time and money in a busy world.

There are many surprisingly unrelated benefits of digitising all of your HR documentation.  By taking these first steps to complete with the upcoming GDPR and save space in your office.   If you would like some advice on digitising your paper HR records, contact the team at Datascan Document Services today.

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