The office shelves are groaning at the weight of a hundred lever arch files.  The store room is bursting at the seams with boxes upon boxes of paperwork and those old files that you can’t throw away but hope you don’t have to search through any time soon.  Is this what your office looks like?

Document journey datascan


Would it be really great to have all this mess magically disappear?  And even better, be replaced with digital versions of all these files?  Imagine accessing all the information you need without leaving your desk by just using a few keystrokes to see it all on your screen.  Datascan have transformed many Irish offices like yours over the past 20 years and we continue to work within all industry sectors and with companies of all sizes.

Here’s how the scanning process looks:


We come to your office and will collect the files you want to give us.  Our drivers are fully vetted and can be trusted with your information.  The documents are transported to our facility in Dublin which is specially designed to keep client’s information separate and safe at all stages of the scanning process.  We use high volume specialist scanners to quickly and effectively process your files.


At all stages we ensure your information is kept safe.  Datascan Document Services are certified to ISO 27001 and uphold the strictest security standards so you can trust us with even the most confidential and valuable information.  All our staff are security checked and our facility is secure.  Once the scanning process is complete your documents will either be destroyed, securely recycled or sent for long term storage as you require.


Your documents that once filled all that office space are now ready for you to browse and access anytime in a simple, smart and secure way.  As digital space is unlimited you can keep them for as long as you like without issue.  That space you have just achieved in the office – well, that’s up to you how to use it.

DataScan document journey infographic

For more information on what we can offer you or to avail of a trial please contact our team today who will be delighted to help you.