Even in our increasingly mobile and technically advanced world of email, apps and social media it is still the case that offices get mail delivered by a postman as they have done for years.  Opening, sorting and delivering post within an organisation can be time consuming and tedious.

digital mailroom datascan


That is why we offer a capture by scanning service to our clients, a process that extracts information with highly developed technology.  Once we organise to receive your mail, we will sort through it, identify the recipient and can then send it electronically to that person or department.

Here are some of the benefits of a Digital Mailroom:

  • – The creation of easy to share files, ideal if several people need access to the same document
  • – These documents can be easily integrated into a CRM system
  • – It makes it easy to track correspondence and record it
  • – Enables quicker response times for a professional service
  • – Helps in keeping you compliant and efficient
  • – Ideal for security of documents as they are digitally protected
  • – Provides a back up of important information
  • – Searching archives are easier with text searchable digital images
  • – Cost effective, saves time throughout the process

By using this system, the person knows there is a document waiting for their attention so there is a better chance of it being processed quickly.   With large organisations the ability to route mail anywhere within head office, sub offices or global offices makes it quick and efficient.

Here is how the process works with DataScan:

  • – Your business mail will be delivered to Datascan either by dedicated PO box or special delivery.
  • – We will scan and tag your mail according to its desired recipient
  • – Your scanned images will be made available to your office by our secure cloud server, which will alert you by secure email when your images are ready for download.
  • – Alternatively, our staff will upload your mail and tags direct into your information system via secure link.
  • – Recipients will have their mail electronically delivered to their Inbox within the agreed time schedule


All helping you to streamline your business processes to make cost savings on efficiencies.  For more information, please speak with our team today who can answer any questions and give you a competitive quotation.