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According to a recent article in the Irish Independent our economy has now become digital and Ireland ranks sixth in Europe for digitisation.  Ireland is also now ranked number one in Europe for the number of SMEs selling online, for e-commerce turnover and for the percentage of SMEs selling online across borders.


Both private enterprises and public sector bodies are increasing their reliance on digital as our economy continues to be an open one aiming to attract global business.  As the world increases its reliance on technology and businesses avail of new technologies, long established businesses and systems of working are all changing for the better.

The Fluid Office Day

The way we work is also changing for the better. There is more reliance on digital technology for sharing of information and this allows for the ability to work from anywhere.  This fluid way of working is very attractive to many employees that may live far from the office or indeed prefer to work out of the normal 9-5 routine.   It also benefits employers in many ways including not having to have as much office space or amenities as before.

When employers lack the necessary digital infrastructure, they fail to attract the talent that they need.  This could be as a result of not realising how easy it can be to turn to a digital way of working.  Stuck in the past with paper files and forms will be holding them back.  Transforming this information into digital files that are stored in the cloud makes sense for efficiency, security and easy working processes.

With an increasing number of work hubs and business centres, many employees are using temporary office space in their local town to avoid the dreaded commute.  When a business adopts a paper light ethos, it not only allows for remote working it also increases the productivity of all the team.

Go Digital

If the idea of going from paper to digital concerns you, why not get in contact.  We can share our expertise with you and help you plan your transformation in a measured way that is at your own pace.  To avail of a free trial, talk to the friendly team at Datascan Document Services today.