Not that long ago when we went to work we went to ‘The Office’.

A place where we sat at our desks from 9am busy with paper all day until the carpark emptied out completely by 5.30pm.  Anybody entering the workforce today and in the future will be amazed by this concept.

modern office DataScan

A changing workplace  

The workplace has changed, with staff being mobile and office hours becoming fluid to suit both the business and the staff member.  Currently technology means we can work from anywhere in the world without it making any difference to the quality or ability of our work.

People working from home for some of their working week, having remote access to networks enables them to do exactly what they would be doing while sitting at a physical desk in the office.  Taking the stress of the commute from them will add to their energy and enjoyment of work and make them more productive.    Cloud connectivity allows easy access for authorised users to any information they might need to access.

Mobile working

‘Hot desking’ is a phrase that has become familiar in modern working environment.  Desks are used by whichever staff member happens to drop into the office for a day.  On other days these people could be mobile workers at home or on the road or even in different countries.

Supporting this new work environment

Teams that work in this way need to rely on fast retrieval of information. In this new paperless office people are not physically present to go searching through filing cabinets to look at pieces of paper.  It’s all scanned to a digital file which is stored securely in the cloud so they can access it when they need to.

It allows multiple staff members to view the same documents and even enables sharing of information and collaboration on projects.   Meaning your team can be in the same room or in a different country and it won’t matter to the business.

The bottom line

In business it always comes down to the bottom line, eliminating unnecessary costs and helping staff become more productive.  Document management makes us more efficient by being able to access what we need when we need it quickly.  Keeping the team using their core skills rather than being bogged down in mindless filing or searching for information is a better use of a valuable resource.

If your office environment is starting to look like this modern office maybe it’s time you considered converting your documents to digital.  We are experts in this sector and would be delighted to speak with you about how we can help streamline your business processes.