This day forward scanning datascan

Digital transformation is using the technology available today to improve workflows in order to make a business more efficient.  Leveraging this new technology will give a business a competitive edge and improve their chances of having a successful business future.

Document Scanning

One of many digital technologies being implemented today is document scanning.  That is the scanning of paper files and their transformation to digital files that can be stored securely in the cloud.

Many businesses will have taken the decision to get their historical records scanned in bulk at some stage.  However, paper still arrives in the office and there can be a gap between the paper document and the fully digital file.  This is when it becomes time to organise a weekly or monthly service to continue the digital transformation of your company.

Batch Scanning

At regular intervals a company will pick up your files, scan them and add them to the already digital files on your management system.

Scanning, indexing and converting will apply to all paper documents either those produced in house or received from suppliers or customers.  If this process is not kept under control, the management of these paper documents can slow down your processes and lead to unwanted issues around privacy and compliance of storage of data.

Digital Mailroom

Another handy service is when you get your post diverted to the scanning company before it even reached you via a digital mailroom service.  Your mail is delivered to a certain physical address, it is scanned and uploaded then it is sent to the relevant department electronically.  A digital file is created while during the process while securely destroying the paper original.

There are many benefits of this day forward scanning:

~ Assists in the digital transformation of your business

~ Continues the good work of your original bulk scanning project

~ Removes unnecessary paper from the office, freeing up space

~ Improves efficiency of staff and procedures

~ Let’s you continue with your day to day business activities without disruption

~ Quickly transforms files and uploads to management system seamlessly

~ Documents will be stored securely only accessible by authorised staff

~ Allows easy team collaboration while improving work flow

~ Facilitates secure storage of data which helps with compliance

~ High quality scanned images are preserved for all time

Images, paper files, forms, plans, manuals – all types of documents can be included in this service.  Don’t slip back into the old ways with your documents, think about implementing a ‘This Day Forward’ plan for your business.  Talk to our friendly expert team today.