tips to pick the best datascan

While the actual price of a service will be of great importance when selecting a supplier, there are many other factors to consider.   The cost of picking the wrong company to manage your documents can be very high.  Choosing the wrong partner could cost you in ways such as loss of time or in extreme cases, loss of reputation when something goes wrong.

Before you make a decision on who you want to scan and digitise your documents, here are a few questions that you should ask that document management company:

Do you specialise in document management?

Documents are not just paper, they are valuable records of transactions within your business.  An experienced document management company will know this.  Being a specialist in this area means they will be able to plan your project effectively.  They will talk to you about processes and policies and the overall management of your records. They will ensure retention of data in the correct format for you that suits both your management systems and your business.  When a business specialises in one area only, they know what they are talking about.  You get the best value by working with an experienced partner.

Is my data secure with you?

Find out are their premises secure and what steps are taken to ensure your documents and data are safe at all times.  Having an international standard that ensures security of information, such as ISO 27001 will give peace of mind.  The staff should be experienced, all should be thoroughly vetted and trusted by their employers.  A good document management company will understand that the data of all their clients is important and needs to be handled properly.

Who do you work with?

Ask the company who their client base is.  If they are working with industries that have sensitive information, then you know they are right for you.  A company that handles medical records for example will have all the necessary checks in place for ensuring the security of such sensitive nature.  Is their client base a good fit for your business?  If they are working with quality clients then you know they are flexible in their approach, reliable in their service and will be a cultural fit for you.  Their experience in handling such clients will display stability and experience.

Are you a full service supplier?

You need to know that they are able to handle all scanning projects, no matter how big.  You don’t know what the future holds so having a supplier that will give a consistent quality service every time is paramount.  Having an international standard for quality management such as ISO 9001 will be a good sign.  They need to do the job quickly and efficiently, not just the first time but every time.  If they are a full service supplier they will have the storage facility, the machinery and the people power to do the job. If they have a track record of doing great work, they will have the knowledge and experience to look after you.  Their processes should be finely tuned to provide a consistent quality service.


Datascan Document Services are a full service document management company.  This is our core business and a service we have been offering for over 25 years.  Certified to ISO27001 and ISO 9001 we will ensure your data is secure at all times and will always offer a professional service to our clients.  For a free trial or to discuss your needs get in touch today.