5 Reasons to go paperless datascan

The other day a delivery guy called to the door with a parcel, I signed the screen of his tablet with a virtual pen.

The following day an installer arrived at my home and tapped away on a screen as he went about his work.  All transactions paperless – not one piece of paper in sight!

Why Paperless?

There is no paper, there are no dockets, everything is now done via a tablet for so many transactions.  Sign here is with your finger, any relevant information can be uploaded as an image and your receipt will come via email.  From the point of view of the company, it makes sense as they can have a full view of all transactions, record and log time for the employee and record any parts used.

These companies have seen the benefits of going paperless.  We all know it’s good for the environment but what other reasons might they have?

Here are our top 5 reasons for a business to go paperless:

  1. Anytime access – When you are out with a client, at a conference or working from home you can have instant access to whatever data you need. It can be shared among team members in the office or while on the road.
  2.  Automation – Digital files streamline business processes and can be used to trigger events, set reminders and to-do’s.  An automatic workflow from start to finish gives huge benefits in terms of customer satisfaction.
  3. Save time and money – When you access information from your keyboard you spend less time filing and searching.  Time is money and you will also save on office supplies which is  an added bonus.
  4. Stronger Security – When your information is stored in the cloud securely it can only be accessed by authorised personnel.  Also offsite storage of valuable information such as this is a step in your disaster recovery plan.
  5. Integration – Digital files can be easily integrated with CRM and accounting systems.  Allowing multiple departments to work on tasks on multiple platforms at the same time makes for efficiencies.

The day after my paperless installer experience I met the one guy that  week who approached with a piece of paper for me to sign in the old fashioned way.  He was at the garage and had ticked boxes and filled in details on a paper form relating to my car service.  Old fashioned, you might exclaim!  No, I reply!

I know from experience that these guys are using our data capture functionality.  That hand completed form goes from the workshop to be scanned by Datascan.  The information extracted to be uploaded onto a CRM system where the office staff can use it to record the transaction and automate a reminder for me for my next service.

The world is quickly becoming paperless, has your business?  The first step could be to upload old files into the cloud, these can be scanned easily and efficiently using our services.   For more information or a free trial, get in touch today.