Top Concerns for Management datascan

While being part of the senior management team of a company can be rewarding and exciting, it also comes with responsibilities and worries.  A discussion at a recent conference regarding what Irish senior management worry about the most, revealed the main concerns of management were as follows.

Regulatory changes

Certain sectors will have their own legislations to be concerned about, however, many new legislations will affect all businesses.  The introduction of GDPR is a perfect example, this brought its own headaches to managers all over the country.

Increased competition and loss of sales

As a successful business you will always have competitors trying to take your customers, poach your sales and get your shelf space.  It’s a constant battle to stay ahead and increase sales.  It’s something that needs attention every day.


It is difficult to get good staff and once you do manage to attract them, it’s another objective to keep them.  Ensuring their working live is as enjoyable as possible and they get the supports they need will go quite a way to ensuring their loyalty.

Cyber security

In this digital age, cyber criminals are always on the prowl looking to make some quick money.  All businesses that depend on technology are exposed to the threat of attack and it takes layers of the right security to protect.

Business Interruption

Business interruption due to natural disaster or theft can also be a worry to management.  Putting the right measures in place to reduce the risk is the first line of defence.  Then having a plan in place should the worst happen will be a relief.

How Digital Files Fit In

It struck us that document digitisation could lessen most of the main concerns of management had.  For example:

Regulatory: With GDPR having digital files helps with data protection measures.

Staff: Elimination of paper pushing will improve morale and free up time for more rewarding work.

Cyber Security: Digital files stored in the cloud will keep business data more secure.

Business interruption: Digital files stored as a backup will be part of any disaster recovering plan.


Management, it is time to lessen your stress levels and think document digitisation.  Chat to the team at Datascan Document Services to find out how.