Top Tips for a New Paperless You datascan

Paper equals clutter and clutter leads to frustration.  A clean desk is like a ‘to-do list’ where you have all the tasks ticked off.  A clean desk can help with a clear mind and give you the motivation to get your goals achieved.

Too much paper

We are all a little guilty of keeping that piece of paper ‘just in case’ we need it.  This results in dusty piles on window ledges, bulging lever arch files and stuffed boxes.  All filled with stuff that you know deep down that you won’t ever really need at all.  We don’t use it, we don’t need it so put it in the bin, right?  Wait, if you are still a little scared by this then there is a solution.  You can scan it first, upload it to the cloud and then shred the paper.  You then have a ‘just in case’ that does not take up any shelf life.

Here are our top tips for a new paperless you – both in the office and at home:

The Post:  Open your post the moment you get it.  Most of it will be heading straight for the recycler or bin.  Whatever you want to keep goes into the scanning pile and once you have a batch ready, scan them all together.

The Bank:  Sign up for e-statements and do your banking online. It is more cost effective and storing the statements online is more secure.  In fact, get all your utility bills delivered electronically to cut down on paper.

Printing:  Think before you print – do you really need to?  In the office make printing difficult by reducing allowances and encourage digital copies.  Thus saving money and reducing waste in one step.

Magazines:  Trade or fashion magazines should be read and enjoyed, then recycle them or pass them on.  Should you find an interesting article that may be helpful for your business in the future, just scan and file that page.

Important documents:  Scan them to store securely.  In personal life that may be your passport and insurance documents. In a work context this will encompass much more, in particular financial documents.  Having a digital copy stored in the cloud can help should something unplanned happen.  It also costs less to store digitally as space is limitless.

Receipts:  At home you may need receipts for insurance claims or tax relief, and you may need to hold them for 7 years.  The best option is to scan and save the information and then bin the paper.  In a work context Revenue have been accepting digital files for some time now.  Having your paperwork in digital format is easier for audits, storage and security.

Invoices:  Ask your suppliers to send invoices via email and consider sending your invoices and documentation via email also.  This helps organise them more effectively and is easier when searching through them.

Reduce your paper

Reducing your reliance on paper is a clever move.  The first thing to do is decide on what you want to keep and then start to reduce the clutter at home and at the office.  When trying to go paperless it may seem daunting but taking it in steps is the secret.

Make the paperless decision today.  Datascan can call to your office to collect your boxes of paper files and return them to you in digital format.  Leaving you with a clean desk, extra space and peace of mind.    Living a little more paperless can free you for new opportunities, why not try it today.