Valuable Real Estate datascan

According to a recent report from Daft, property prices were on average 9% more expensive at the end of 2017 compared to the previous year.

When it comes to properties in certain areas of our capital city that figure would be even higher.

With residential property prices so high it also has a knock on effect on the office space in the city.  Quality space is at a premium and with costs so high every spare piece of an office must be used effectively.

Consultants Suite

Many medical consultants will acquire private rooms to see patients away from the hospital environment.  While these rooms will be very convenient many will not be suitable for storing files and paper documents onsite, especially in city centre locations.  When considering a move to a new office the inconvenience of having to box up and transport can outweigh the benefits of having the information onsite.  Add to this the space they take up and it becomes a considerable additional cost that is not necessary when digital file versions are available.

Access while moving around

Many consultants and medical professionals will have a private room in a hospital or clinic where they see patients.  They may even be resident there for a couple of days each week.  When moving between these rooms and other locations it is handy to have files to hand at the touch of a button.  Having the patient files scanned and converted into digital files will put them in a place that can be accessed wherever you are in the world.

Valuable city centre space

Will there be space for your files at your new private rooms and will they allow you to store all your paperwork onsite?  If there is a communal storage area, ask how secure will your records be.  Will they be safe from flooding, damp and potential fires?   All these concerns can be wiped away when your files are securely stored in the cloud.  Allowing access only by you and whomever you decide.

Why Scan your medical records and files?

  • Space – Use the endless space in the cloud, leaving your rooms clutter free
  • Security – Files uploaded onto your secure system will only be accessible by those you authorise
  • Convenience – Having all the information you need to hand, wherever you are.
  • Compliance – Keeping records for the required number of years in a secure place.


Datascan document services have been scanning paper files and converting them to digital files for over 20 years.  Specialists in medical records, we have the processes in place to collect and scan your files in a secure way.   Talk to our team today.