Document Management is the process put in place to manage an organisations documents.  This includes capturing data and storing it in a way that makes it easy to manage.  It will involve documents in pdf, digital images and electronic file formats.

Why is document management a good idea?

Firstly, it saves time as the information is available at a click of a mouse, therefore it saves money as time is not wasted. In addition, it keeps the information secure yet allowing it to be accessed by the team.

What industries need Document Management?

Every business should have some process for managing their documents. However, certain industries benefit more from document scanning and indexing services.

Medical:  This is what we are known for as we are Ireland’s leading supplier of scanning services to the medical profession.  There is a big demand for these services, documents that are scanned would relate to patient medical files and correspondence.  It results in having information on demand for doctors and medical staff and also ensures that such sensitive information is secure.

Legal:  Moving to a digital document management system means that access to important client records and legal documents makes sharing of information between a team more straight forward. It eliminates the need for having to manually photocopy and distribute information.

Finance:  This is another industry that holds a wealth of important confidential client information including banking and wealth management data.  Digital files mean that financial advisors will be able to call up client information instantly with no wasted time while still complying with  legislation relating to holding on to client information

Professional Services:  Accountants, sales teams, insurance brokers, all types of consultants will have records and documents.  Having a robust document management system allows them to have access to information that they can access on the go.  It also allows them to store the necessary health and safety, HR and employee documents in a safe place.

A true business efficiency

No matter what industry you are in, you can reap the benefits of good document management.  At Datascan we collect your paper documents, scan them to the highest standard and will index them according to your categories or requirements.  They are supplied back to you ready for uploading on your CRM and will be secure and searchable.  It is great value, as our clients tell us they have recouped the costs ten-fold as a result of reduced storage costs, less wasted time searching and filing plus more efficiency in the office. Chat with our friendly team to find out more.