women in business datascan

Over a thousand women in Ireland start a business every month.  When we heard this statistic, it made us stop and think about all the women we work with each and every day.  Our team in Datascan is led by a woman, our staff are predominantly women and the majority of our clients are also women.

Female Entrepreneurs

It is said that female entrepreneurs are more likely to focus on collaboration, working together rather than in competition with others.  With so many mentors and role models in most industry sectors these days, younger women in the early stages of business have alot of inspiration to draw from.

Business Skills

Women entrepreneurs will generally create a corporate culture that is friendly to all.  The soft skills needed for business leadership are often there in abundance.  These work well with the typical skills that come with good management.  It is often described as ‘running a tight ship but in a fair way’ – creating a friendly collaborative space to connect and learn.  Doing so will encourage, support and empower women.

People like People

We all like buying from people that we like, and we tend to seek out genuine people.  People that don’t only seek a business gain but will also look to nurture relationships and build loyalty.  A positive attitude shown throughout interactions will help to establish a long-term relationship.  This has great benefits as colleagues, customers and peers.

This is a perfect example of women working together to support each other – Mary White, Patent Attorney, recently said this about Orla Cafferty, Director of Datascan:

‘Orla has a strong reputation and a great personal brand.  There is nothing negative about her or her business.  She is not pushy, has a respectful manner and is positive in her approach.  She is authentic and makes you feel not just like a client but a valued person in their business lives. Now I think of her automatically when I can recommend her business.’

If we all support each other it will certainly make the work element of our lives more productive and rewarding.

A last thought

As women we should work together to empower each other, to support and encourage.  As the legendary Audrey Hepburn once said “As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands, one for helping yourself, the other for helping others.”