working from home datascan

According to a recent report by the Institute of Directors, 90% of Irish businesses expect some of their staff to remain working from home once workplaces fully open again.  If that is the case, many organisations will be ensuring that they can put in place the processes to enable this change.

Working remotely

In the past working from home was a major perk for an office worker. It represented a break from the commute, a more leisurely start to the day, a clean finish at the end of the day and certainly a better life/work balance.

Previously, many employers were reluctant to offer this option.  In some cases, the reluctancy was around ‘we have always done it this way’ and they could not see any motivation for change.  Perhaps it was more likely that they could not see how the productivity could be maintained with some staff in the office, while others were at home.

Blended working

Working remotely was already starting to become more popular, but the last few months were a ‘fast forward’ like so many other things. We realised that remote working can work both for the employer and the employee.  The general feeling among both management and team members is that a form of blended working could be the ultimate solution.  With some days in the office and other days spent working from home.  The consensus is that office social interaction improves company culture and gives opportunities to form strong team bonds. Blended reduces the chances of feelings of isolation and detachment from the business.

Requirements to work from home

You need more than a quiet space at a desk to work effectively from home.  Technology is key, as is being able to securely access the required information. Having the ability to work from home requires the right tools.  Not just a laptop and a wi-fi connection but access to the CRM and client information and files.  Digitisation of files and documents allows the sharing of information among team members in real time.  Securely stored and only accessibly by authorised staff members, digital files will allow collaborative working no matter where team members are based.

Scanning your paper files and transforming them to digital is more important than ever now.  To find out what is involved you can speak with our friendly expert team.