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Some time ago while queuing for a coffee I overheard a conversation between two people beside me.  One was telling the other that she would be working from home next week for a few days, it turned out she was an accountant.  She told her friend that she was heading into the office after her coffee to collect all her files so she could work on them from home.  You might not think this a strange statement, however, she then went on to say she hoped there was parking outside the office as she imagined she would have 4 or 5 boxes of files to put into the car!  And that she wondered how she would share some of these files during the week should her colleagues need access to them.

Digital Files

It is amazing how many businesses in Ireland still operate with lever arch files full of paper and boxes of paperwork stored in offices.  Operating in such a manner is not only inefficient, it could be a potential data breach ready to happen with boxes of files in cars travelling between homes.

There is no reason why all this paperwork could not be scanned and uploaded into a CRM system.  It would be indexed by client ID and category making it easier to find and view the necessary documents.  There will be no need to hold on to the paper versions, they can be destroyed securely, and this will free up space in the office.

With batch scanning services, the paperwork could be scanned weekly or monthly as required.  This would involve sending the documents in batches for scanning via the post and having them returned digitally ready for uploading on to the CRM.  Turning paper files into digital files has been proven to be more secure and help in data protection processes.


The information will be stored on the firm’s management system.  It can be accessed only by authorised staff and this can be done when they are working at their desk in the office or from their laptop at home.   Thus making it straightforward to share client files between co-workers whenever they need to.  The same level of security will then apply no matter where the staff member is located.

The cost savings in having files scanned regularly are significant.  The time saved in searching for information alone will more than pay for the service itself.  To find out more about moving to an office that is digitised and learn about how we assisted in the transition of many businesses to paperless, you can speak with our friendly team.